Lilian Walter


Businesswomen and founder of the mother company Endivor.

Lilian’s mission in life is building and developing products. Lilian is passionate about creating content, media productioen and new ideas and new ways of thinking. Sharing knowledge with the aim to improve the quality of life is a very important part of Lilian’s vision.

Erick Walter


Erick is CEO of Endivor.

Erick manages corporate direction & strategy at Endivor Media productions.

He is also responsible for analysing the production process and responsible for turning inputs into finished outputs. Erick has a passion for creativity and getting the best out of people.

Khaled Quddah

Movie maker & Producer

Producer & movie directors for Endivor Media.

Khaled is responsible for selecting the scripts, production crew, the production process, the creative decisions of a production and is responsible for new developments in the production.

Mr. Khaled has won many awards for production management, including the Dubai Film Festival Cairo Film Festival. The Adl Award is a producer of sports and sports programs from the city of Tanga

Director Caroline Dijk Director

Caroline Dijk MA is a Dutch journalist who works for the Dutch Public Broadcast. As an independent journalist she wrote several books and made long feature radio documentaries. She directed several program series for Dutch television and made long-feature documentaries.



Is an internationally acclaimed filmmaker and producer. Throughout his career he  produced documentaries for the Dutch Public Broadcast, EMI, Sony, the Smithsonian Museum and the United Nations Geneva. He worked with many experimental filmmakers, such as Frans Zwartjes, Raúl Ruiz and Sonia Herman Dolz. Paul Hošek won national and international prizes like the first prize for documentary at the Tribecca Filmfestival, New York, and first prize for International Television Golden Prague, Czech Republic.

Abdulhakim Qutifan


Syrian actor, 

Nawar Bulbul


Syrian artist, and theater actor

Timon Verschoor

Timon is our Business Coordinator. He is responsible for reports about  progress of market, inventory and financial figures. Timon als has the tasks of developing long term relationships with the business as well partners and also managing of sales and operations.
Timon has a degree in sociology and projectmanagement. 

Gert-Jan van de Vaate


Gert-Jan van de Vaate is born in Rotterdam. He made a short movie in 1998 which had its opening night at the Nederlands Filmfestival. Furthermore he is a humanright activist and he was campaigner for the PvdA in 2012 and for Artikel1 in 2017. At this time he is working in Healthcare and does public relations for Endivor Arts.

Margo Dubois

team assistant at Endivor

Saskia Spronsen

team assistant at Endivor

Noor Mkhalalati

team assistant at Endivor

Yara Hanna

team assistant at Endivor

Omar Kilani


team assistant at Endivor

Marco Koot

 Dutch actor, voice over and training actor.

He has played in various theater productions alongside renowned actors such as Bram van der Vlugt, Ingeborg Elsevier, Annick Boer and Peter Tuinman ...

He has also played in a number of Japanese TV series for TV Tokyo.

Since 2014 he has been active as a freelance actor and he works for his own company Marco Koot Theater and Entertainment, in which he also gives various acting workshops to, among others, amateur actors / groups and children's shows.